Monday, March 26, 2012

Musikahan 2012

Hi Guys!

Summer is officially in and I bet you are thinking what to do to make your summer interesting and, well, not plain boring.

This is the time where people go to the beach, go on vacation to Palawan, Boracay, Samal, etc.  Some teens would enroll to different types of summer clinics, and you know how I support sports, as the saying goes, "Yes to Sports, No to drugs!" haha!

I say it is good to have plans for the summer, activities that'll keep you up and going because you don't want to be stuck at home just slouching at your sofa watching television or worse doing chores, wouldn't you? hehe ;)  Get out and have fun!

While some don't have the convenience to sign up for summer activities, you could always to something within your neighborhood. Have a garage sale, or put up a small stall and sell shakes, juices, halo2x, any cold drinks and goodies for the HOT HOT weather. I tell you it'll be a lot of fun.

There are tons of stuffs you could do whether with your family or with your friends. And I know something that can add to your list of choices to do this summer.

Attention friends and tweeps, want to learn how to play your favorite instruments? and even for those young artist at heart with their creative minds, check out this promotional poster:

Whether your a beginner, novice or a professional, at Musikan, the people are passionate
in helping kids, youths, and even adults discover their God given talents in music and art, continually encouraging and motivating aspirants. At Musikahan, your talents and gifts can never and should never evah go on hiding. ;P

And of course, you will meet amazing people and with awing talents too. When the ending recital comes, it'll surely spark your summer.

So what are you waiting for, invite your friends and join the awesome Musikahan.

For more details on the Musikan 2012

Visit the center located at Lifeway Park, Queenies Love Village, General Santos City.
Contacts are:    Phone:   (063) 302-0777
                        Mobile:  +63933-512-9301

Cause you see it is more fun in the Philippines and definitely more fun in Gensan!

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