Saturday, August 11, 2012



Experience is priceless. Damages a person's inner understanding of things
but enhances the will to move forward; Destroys us yet builds us up.
Mistakes being made but learning's and moral values in the making.

Come forth to a taking of PAIN, DISTRUST and MISCONCEPTION; for the world
is full of deceit, anger and sorrow. Cunning undertakings of daily endeavor that
passes us, things of random complexity given to us by HIM, the DIVINE one.

Opportunities of fame and success we, too, had to consider but which we gave
up. In the end, regret and remorse have filled one up. On the other hand, we partake
for a premature CHANGE, yet still causes doubt, confusion and infidelity.

O woman in red that bring pleasure and enticement, what is that you do that have captivated not one but a multitude of men, able-body and strong, to which have led them to their downfall?

For a moment, I partake in your charades. To venture and to discover, to be
acquainted and to deepen what is needed, as they say, to be deepened. Bond,
is it not? Relationship, as we call it.

Yet I realized, what is in the norms we should not adhere; what is the usual, we should not always follow. Not that rebellion is inside one's mind but real nirvana is found when one breaks the norms.

Forgive me for I am in a state of PAIN yet I do not ask for pity; I understood well that PAIN gave me a sense of meaning and understanding to what it is. It is not when everybody appreciates and exalts you that you do your best but it is when everybody despises you, what you do and what you believe that pushes you to your utmost potential.

Life is something short and meaningful. Grasp, feel and enjoy every tick for it is more precious than gold and gems. Adhere not to what I say, but to what you feel that needs to be adhered, noticed, given attention. You will know and understand why.

Que sera sera, what will be will be? True, for others. False, for the few. For the mind is something more than what it seems. Go forth now and do what must be done, the world awaits thee.

Just want to share a very nice poem by my very good friend Mr. Dale Brian M. Arana. Nice isn't it? :) Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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