Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modern Thai Cuisine @ Z Restaurant

Hi Guys! I'm back in the lab again. And today I'm mixing you up some delicious concoction. Are you ready? :)

So I had the opportunity to dine at a restaurant at 2nd floor, highway 30 building, Tibanga road, Iligan City. It's a place called Z Restaurant (also called Z Resto Bar) that serves modern thai cuisine. It has this really funny tagline: Modern Thai Cuisine and Resto bar in one rooftop. seriously? Lol!

But any way, the place is clean and sparkly, ambiance is good, service is good, the food is good, if you ask me. :P

Main Dish

Let's go to the meat.Our main dish is Red Curry with Beef. One of their best seller. The plate serving is good for 2-3 persons for a hefty 240php. It has eggplant, tomatoes, and a special sauce that gives it a spicy flavor. You can choose to have it extra spicy. Here the catch, it's called red curry because its complimented with beef. But if you like chicken, then you should go for the Green Curry with chicken. I bet the green curry is just like chicken curry in our local fast food but with this restaurant, you get it for a bit higher price than usual.

Red Curry with Beef


The place offers a lot of drinks, from plain water to carbonated drinks, Thai drinks and even to, yeah, alcoholic drinks. What we had was Thai Berry blend smoothie and Thai Choco Java Chip smoothie. Both were so good. The berry drink was as in strawberry flavor. But what I really enjoyed was the choco jave chip, perfect blend.

Thai Berry Blend
Thai Choco Java Chip
Red Curry and Choco Java blend

So there you have it. Hope that made you mouth-water.
Drop by the restaurant when you're in town.
 And friends, enjoy life.  Live. Laugh. Love. EAT:D  

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