Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eating the words from my mouth

Ever  had the chance you eat the words that come out from your mouth? When you try to say something you won't do it but ending up doing it otherwise? ha! Can you guess what mine is? :)

(pause for you to think)

Oh well. Mine is this thing right here:

Yep. I'm with blogger now, I know right? What was I thinking. But seriously, the thing is when I decided I would try this blogging hobby, I had to choose between wordpress and blogger with a few things in mind:
  • Enhance my english writing skills and ability to think on a topic and write about it. 
  • Have my own domain (cause i think it's cool to have one :D) - eventually
  • Convenience and free blog host
  • No annoying  ads that divert your attention 
  • Help readers find the information they need

I choose wordpress at first. Lately I had realize that these ads are important because It helps to earn a little money for your blog. But it takes time and a lot more post from you which I fail to have in my other blog. That is why I decided to have another blog to which I can test my theory, "Would I get money from blogging here on blogger." LOL. :D

I don't know much about wordpress for the past year I have been using it cause I haven't really explored more of it's capabilities but I have to point one limitation:
  1. Google adSense - not supported in, just in
Yep, that's basically it. If you know anything about how to put adsense in, please do share it in the comment sections, I would really appreciate it. Any other awesome stuffs and tips you could might as well share, please do. :)
But I am not saying one is better than the other. It depends of course in your preference. I'm still using my other blog.You can check it out through the link I have on the right side bar. Nevertheless, blogger is making a good impression on me right know as I see that google is making a lot of effort into it's user interface.

So anyway, so much for my first post in blogger of the new year. Thanks for hanging out and hope to look forward to your views in future posts that I have. 

It's my first blog at

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